2019-2020 scheduling at Moon Lake Farm and other venues. 

All Women's Trail

The course obstacles are designed to make horse and rider improvements; maneuvering over, around, and through each obstacle in full body control with confidence. Check-in 9AM, clinic 9:30-12:30PM. $80/rider, DAH horse $20 clinic lease. Weather permitting. Current coggins required. 

Breakaway Roping

Techniques covered for consistent roping, improved horsemanship skills and winning methods to take your roping to the next level.  

  • Heather Wilf Memorial Champion
  • Lightning B Arena Champion
  • WPRA Southeastern Circuit Champion
  • 2x SPFR Qualifier
  • SHSU College Rodeo Team
  • 3x NLBFR Qualifier
  • MSLBRA Reserve Champion

Goat Tying

Proven techniques to shave seconds off your time. Dismounting, flanking, and tying to win! Groundwork drills for winning runs, horsemanship covered for handling tough set-ups and goats. 

  • SHSU College Rodeo Team
  • MSLBRA Champion
  • 3x NLBFR Qualifier
  • NHSFR Qualifier (Top 25 Finish)